What is the VIPC?


The Virginia Immigrant People's Coalition is a federation of grassroots organizations that are organizing in the defense of immigrants around Virginia (and around the country).

What We Do

We have several campaigns and committees working in various parts of Virginia. These include:

  • Organizing a defense network for immigrants to defend against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids.
  • Lobbying to prevent the passage of racist and nationalistic laws and laws that as well as encouraging the passage of laws that protect the rights of all individuals, regardless of immigration status, to live in a just and democratic society.
  • To provide legal support for immigrants and their families, so that they can be represented fairly.
  • Working to raise awareness about the constitutional rights that everyone, including immigrants, have.
  • Reaching out to other organizations to build a strong grassroots civil rights movement for immigrants.

What We Believe

We believe:

  • that a person should not be discriminated against, based on their nationality, skin color, or place of birth.
  • that no person can be illegal.
  • that criminal behavior is not distributed based on peoples' place of birth, but rather it is most dependent on the social-economic conditions under which they live.
  • that the gentrification of low income housing is unjust and undemocratic, because it supports the use of economic class as a means of taking away a person's right to live in their own community.
  • that the government should uphold and defend the natural rights of any individual, regardless of whether they have paperwork or not.
  • that the border between Mexico and the United States is a form of oppression that supports a 500 year trend of European imperial expansion and a neocolonial agenda of enforcing free trade agreements that impoverish Central and South America for cheap labor and resources.
  • in democracy and the use of consensus (or some other form consented upon) for making decisions for our organization.
  • that anyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, or political ideology, can have their voices heard and take part in the coalition, so long as they abide by the democratic structure upon which the coalition functions.
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