CSS Test Page

This is the CSS test page. It includes errors for worst-case scenarios, so don't freak out.

First, let's test some fonts.

That's a great idea, right?

That's a horrible idea!

I'm a SUPERscriptyou're lame

I'm someone famous that you quoted

I write notes for the website

Translate Link?
Right here

Included page "not-a-page" does not exist (create it now)

I am a tab.

Header 1

The purpose of a big header is to introduce the page.

Header 1 Link

Header 2

Header 2 Link


Header 3

Header 3 Link

Header 4

Header 4 Link

Header 5
Header 5 Link
Header 6
Header 6 Link

Alright, so let's try something else now. Like a regular link and an empty link.

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